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Street Artist SpY Hangs A Giant Moon Over Switzerland

For one week in April, a fake waxing crescent was suspended over the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

by Zach Sokol
May 12 2014, 5:45pm

Images courtesy of the artist

Spanish street artist SpY is a pro at installing at public sculptures that are subtle enough to go unnoticed until they catch your eye, at which you'll undoubtedly do a double take. Whether it's a wall of security cameras or a saran wrap-covered police car, the artist's work is often a humorous sucker-punch, without necessarily being ostentatious. His latest installation, Moon, continues his practice of making clever sculptures without the in-your-face gaudiness of some of his peers. 

Moon is a project SpY was commissioned to install above the university Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), in Laussane, Switzerland for an arts and science festival this past month. The piece included a giant, glowing moon sculpture at least two-stories tall, hung above the university with a crane. For a week in April, the waxing crescent was illuminated at night, providing a luminescent path of light for students to walk home to after a day of studying.

Even though a massive moon sculpture may sound over-the-top—the project wasn't accompanied by press releases, crowds, or even an unveiling. It just hung above the school, and may gone unnoticed by particularly overworked scholars who just clocked some serious library time. To them, it may as well have been the real piece of space cheese. 

On April 15th, a Blood Moon appeared in the night's sky for a moment. We like to think a few lucky students at EPFL were lucid enough after leaving campus to look up and see two moons suspended overhead on their walks home. 

See some photos of Moon below and visit SpY's website for more:


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