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World's Largest GIF-iti Comes Alive In Taiwan

Street artists INSA and Mad Steeze collaborated to make a giant, four-frame GIF-iti mural on an apartment building.

by Beckett Mufson
Jun 23 2014, 8:00pm

GIF-iti, the process of transforming street art into moving GIFs, has taken the Internet by storm time and time again. Two of the most prolific players in the GIF-iti game—the UK’s INSA and Mad Steez—just made digital street art history by shattering the record for the world’s largest GIF-iti’d mural.

Encompassing the entirety of one side of a Taiwanese apartment building, the animated street art depicts a mysterious four-eyed woman. She is surrounded by shimmering chains, flowers, and spinning coins that make our inner Super Mario instincts tingle. The artists managed to compress a lot of motion into the four-frame GIF, even painting nearby fan vents to make a spinning effect.

Four frames means they had redraw most of the mural three times after they completed the original gargantuan painting. We hate having to rewrite a word in our tiny crossword puzzles—the frustration of repainting a meters-tall mural over and over must have required the patience of a saint. See some images of the mural below: 

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