Surreal Animation Dreams Up A House Made From Moving Waves

Taking inspiration from emerging, experimental technologies the "Wave House" is a house made of programmable matter with a backyard to the stars.

Aug 28 2014, 1:30pm

Ever wonder what a house made of moving waves would look like? No? Well director Justin Vin has, so he got together with a group of aritists to design such a place. The resulting animation Wave House explores what a house of the future might be like if it used far flung technologies like programmable matter, claytronics and quantum levitation (quantum locking).

Vin says it's "A house of waving beauty, freedom and softness in the sky"—and it's a house of curved walls, shifting boundaries and cymatic decor that looks like something an alien superhero might live in. It's highly experimental sure, but Vin calls it a "dreamy vision," one where you float about and your clothes come to you to get dressed. And instead of a backyard, you can just casually levitate into space on magnetic quantum swirls using the power of thought alone. 

"It's like a short invitation to approach future technology [using] organic, friendly elements. Free from technocracy and friendly to live with." explains Vin.

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