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An Astronaut and a Neanderthal Walk into an Experimental Short Film

Evan Mann's new sci-fi short explores what happens when science goes wrong.

by Beckett Mufson
Jan 14 2016, 3:20pm

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Some sci-fi stories leave you afraid for the future, others excite you over the technological wonders on the horizon—and some just leave you scratching your head. Denver multimedia artist Evan Mann's Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler is a mixture of all three.

Conceived as a way to bring together two unlikely characters, an astronaut and a neanderthal, Mann and his colleagues at Otherworldly Productions take more than a few logical liberties to get the job done. Mann's body of work draws on cosmic and biological imagery as his creative focus wanders through GIF art, film, sculpture, and design, and he draws on all of these skills to tie the threads of Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler together.

One scene takes place in a normal-looking apartment inhabited by an older gentleman and an alien that looks like an albino Wookie with bug eyes. They pour a jug of milk into the toilet, which seems to spark a large portion of the film's conflict. A host of other surreal elements—think toothy teleporters, tiny baby hands, and strange ritualistic dance numbers—are all rendered in a mixture of stop-motion, ace make-up design, campy but believable costumes, and other briliant practical effects.

Throw in a bit of fable-style moral warning, jarring-yet-compelling cinematography, and almost no dialogue, and you've got the kind of short that leaves you with more questions than answers needs to be rewatched a few times before you get it. Watch it for the first time below.

See more of Evan Mann's work on his website. See more of Otherworldly Productions' work on theirs.


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