Famous Paintings Get Reanimated as 3D Vignettes

Alexey Zakharov turns paintings and photographs into swaying 3D worlds.

by Beckett Mufson
Jul 20 2015, 2:00pm

Sometimes a painting captures your imagination and seems to sweep you away to a whole new place when you close your eyes. VFX artist Alexey Zakharov captures that moment forever as GIF and video remixes of German painter Michael Sowa's, The Broken Paw and A Summer Night's Melancholy.

Known for his work bringing the internet a 3D imagining of Futurama, Zakharov is a magician behind the keyboard. He dissects each object present in the painting, animates them, and puts them back together with a combination of Adobe Photoshop, 3dsmax, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, and Sony Vegas. "I have seen many examples of this technique before," he explains to The Creators Project. "It's not a brand new idea, the animation of static images used for a long time for different purposes as backdrops, environments for the movie post-production, and more. But they were not independent artworks, just an additional computer graphics technique."

Now the technique is an art form in and of itself, as Zakharov turns paintings and photographs into swaying 3D worlds. Check out his work in the GIFs below:

Images courtesy the artist

See more of Alexey Zakharov's work on Behance.


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