Make Any Image into Lego Art with ‘The Legoizer’

Now, you'll know what to do with all those extra Legos lying around.

by Annie Armstrong
Jun 15 2015, 3:45pm

Thanks to the ever-expanding glory of the Internet, there is now a service that instructs users how to make any image into life-size Lego art, piece by piece. Found on San Francisco programmer Sailor Mercury's GitHub, the Legoizer breaks down an image in horizontal lines of Legos, resulting in a sheet-like structure to be built from the ground up. We're not yet sure if it uses the same technology as the fabled LEGOizer software (also known as BrickBuilder) that Lego designers have been using to create their models since the '90s, but it's a cool tool to practice climbing that vaulted master builder throne. 

Mosaic-ed with Legoizer, Klimt's The Kiss, for example, takes 166 lines of Legos to create a life-size reproduction that would stand nearly five feet tall. The tool features a custom list of instructions for any image, accompanied by a shopping list of how many pieces you'll need of each color. In the case of The Kiss, the bulk of it involves 4,742 bright orange pieces of varying sizes—and that's just for the background.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.48.30 AM.png

Check out the Legoizer here.

Via ARTECreative


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