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ALESIA's New EP is Fucked Up Techno for American Ears

"Intense et noir" is the only way to describe 'The New Order, Pt. I'
December 8, 2014, 11:54pm

ALESIA's been buzzed on the underground tip for a while now as OWSLA's genre-busting Parisian secret weapon. A lot of acts claim death to genres, but these guys give absolutely zero fucks about who you want them to be. Their tunes are liable to range everywhere from bassline to trap, but all of it's dark, most of it is heavy, and it's usually very, very rad.

Their New Order pt. I EP is no exception, and finds the duo exploring left-field techno territory. "Hyacinthus," the opener, is all minimalist, wonky sounds with a driving beat until that heavy kicks in during the last third. The second track, "IVO," ft. Anna Lunoe, keeps on the same trajectory as Lunoe's vocals dip in and out as if over a loudspeaker announcing your near certain demise.

The whole EP is upfront, weird-as-shit, dark, and heavy. We're sold. When asked for a quote, Alesia's response was "Intense et noir." Intense and black. Fitting.

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