Photographer Barrett Emke's Affirmative Psychic Energy

Barrette Emke lives in Kansas and takes pictures, like you and me, only better. He showed us some new unreleased photographs that do a good job proving that photographs can present the ineffable.

These photographs were made this past fall in Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas. Now it's almost Christmas and soon it will be a new year. Looking at these pictures, I see affirmations—a psychic energy in presenting an image preserved in time. I nod yes to the bleached-white cat with yellow-green eggs for eyes, to the derelict and abandoned school now painted in sinister graffiti, to the moon, to the dark angel who crouches from atop a building watching over our city, to the lone buck, to the stillness of the wafting trees, to friends and lovers, to the ineffable, to life. Carpe diem, man. These images, along with others, are to be compiled in what will be my first book of photography sometime next year. Enjoy.

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