Photos of the Bathrooms and Kitchens of America's Bachelors

My attempt to document the secret and fleeting period in a man's life between his mother cleaning his room and his wife decorating his apartment.

I shot these photos in my mid-20s after visiting a friend's apartment and bearing witness to the state of affairs in his bathroom. He told me that he didn't really invite women over, and I could see why. While shooting them, my mantra was "naked, unguarded honesty."

The "bachelor pad" exists in a fleeting window in a man's life. Being a bachelor means not having expectations put on you by someone else. The living space of the bachelor often dramatically changes when he lives with a woman. As a rule, the woman's aesthetic wins, and that's usually good thing.

I set out to capture that time in a man's life between living with his parents and when he grows up and realizes he has to start regularly cleaning the bathroom.

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