Watch Police Officers Debate Excessive Force, Racism, & Defunding

VICE correspondent Lee Adams invited 8 police officers to candidly discuss the state of policing in America
August 3, 2020, 2:00pm

Since George Floyd lost his life at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, the U.S. has erupted in protest, with calls to completely reimagine policing in America. While many departments have released carefully scripted statements, we wanted to hear the honest, candid opinions of real police officers across the country.

In the first part of this debate, at the top of this page, watch as the officers discuss the state of policing in America today, wearing bodycams, racial prejudice, police unions, regaining public trust, how cops are disciplined, calls to defund the police, mental health, and whether the issues in the police force today are truly systemic, or just isolated incidents resulting from ‘bad apples.’

The debate continues in Part 2, where the officers talk about witnessing excessive force on the job, being evaluated based on quotas and stats, and the role that race and sex play in an officer’s ability to do their job.

Watch the second part of the debate here.