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Headbang Wildly to Red Fang's New Album 'Only Ghosts' While Playing Their Puzzle Game 'Fangtris'

The struggles of touring, now in video game form.

by Phil Witmer
Oct 13 2016, 4:48pm

Portland stoner/beard-rock fellows Red Fang have blessed us with an early stream of their new album Only Ghosts. If you were looking for your next Battlefield 1 or Overwatch soundtrack, this is the LP for you; nothing but crunchy riffs and gruff, yell-along choruses with zero pretentiousness and all the beer.

And speaking of games, Red Fang have offered a unique way to literally play the album with an accompanying browser game. It's basically Tetris, but about stacking amps. Naturally, it's called Fangtris and it truly captures the stressful problem-solving required to pack gear when you're in a touring band. That old van is somehow never big enough. 

Stream Only Ghosts below and play Fangtris here.

Phil gets 'Nam-style flashbacks from this game. He's on Twitter.

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