The Unbonerable New York Justice System

It's no surprise that assistant district attorneys are racist pieces of shit. NYC prosecutors will crap in someone's mouth if you allow them to.

Jul 13 2012, 1:10pm

Reading stuff about how assistant district attorneys are racist pieces of shit makes me kinda sick, mostly ‘cause I aggressively loathe the ADA that gave me a three to nine for a lil’ non-offensive drug-dealing, and I envision him being an arrogant prick like this twat-faced Justin Marrus guy. If they’re not openly racist, lots of prosecutors feel that their life is more valuable than others and they will shit in someone’s mouth if you allow them to.

Regardless of skin color, if you’re uneducated, poor, and kinda retarded you are a target of the legal system. They need their jails filled, and a lot of the time criminal justice takes advantage of these MICA (Mentally Ill/Chemically Addicted) patients. Lots of these people are so dejected and unlovable that they probably have no problem going to jail, especially during the winter months.

In prison, lots of people don’t do shit. Everything is done for them. They serve us food, they do our dishes, they do our laundry, they clean our bathrooms and dorms, they mow our grass, and shovel our snow. While we sit there watching TV and playing cards all day. Lotsa heads think prison is heaven compared to a residential inpatient drug program, halfway house, the street, or even their mom’s house. If you don't love anyone in the world, and no one loves you, then going to prison isn’t the worst thing in the world. I’ve seen quite a few people who are pretty content with it.

The mentally ill are easy targets so scumbag DAs pick ‘em up and fuck ‘em without even looking them in the eye. That’s one thing that kills me—the ball-licking slimesucker that prosectured me (I was a first-time offender, a non-violent college student with a job who was selling drugs to his adult friends) didn’t even look at me the whole time he talked shit about how I should go to jail. I would have liked him to look me in the face and explain what kinda logic merits doing something shitty like that to another human, but it doesn’t work like that. Same routine with the two parole boards that hit me with two more years two times for no reason—although they talk to you and actually look you in the eye and seem like decent people, you learn that they’re denying parole to you, and basically giving you another prison sentence.

When you get that letter in the jail-mail there’s only bullshit reasons for rejection, like “If returned to the community, it is likely he will engage in illegal activities,” “criminal history,” or “during interview, inmate did display insufficient understanding of past crimes.” Those are all reasons that cannot be contested. Almost everyone appeals parole board hits just ‘cause we want the fuck out and there’s not much else to do. Essentially, they respond to every issue you appeal with “because we said so.” It always got me vexed that I couldn’t sit down with these supposedly sane parole board people, and shake the shit out of them Sam-Kinison style like “What the FUCK is Wrong With YOU?!!” But, no, they just disappear into the world like nameless hitmen.

It takes a special breed of cock-swallower to do shit like that to people. In that racist ADA’s formative college years he was learning how to be an obnoxious shithead on the low. The stuff on his Facebook is not that offensive, but only assholes do shit like that and then have the misplaced confidence in oneself to post that poppycock to the public.

Most prosecutors, DAs, and other cogs in the system are pricks who are basically trained attack dogs. The worst thing is, the more people they throw behind bars the more successful their careers are. It’s a twisted system. They get respect for giving a retarded crackhead bum a few years behind bars for a pipe. I’ve seen it too many times.

The judges are pretty bad, too, but I it seems like although lots of them used to be DAs, they kinda feel bad about all the misery they’ve created for so many decent people, so when they’re in robes they try to act just, friendly, and cut a decent lookin’ gal a break now and then to make themselves feel better. However, when a weird-looking freak steps up to the bench going through withdrawal, the judge will still hand out disproportionate time to them. Maybe the judge thinks she’s being just by giving the homeless or drug-addled a place to nest for a while.

It really comes down to “DO NOT GET CAUGHT.” Putting yourself at the mercy of  these attack dogs is an extremely dangerous proposition. I never would’ve imagined I’d get years for my first arrest for an ounce of coke. I will say that in past years the courts have lightened up on drug offenders in terms of sending them to prison, but you still better be prepared for 18 months of residential reahab, which half the people fail and go to prison for anyways. I’ve been in some of these supervised groups that take your piss a couple times a week and basically just try to ruin your life. They have a test now that detects alcohol going back 48 hours that if I fail can seriously fuck my life up, even though I’ve never had an alcohol-related crime. The whole criminal justice system in New York State makes me wanna move the fuck out. It’s just so damn unbonerable.

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