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And And And's 'Drink for Free' Should Be Number One on Every Bar Jukebox

It's equal parts Northwest indie rock and desert twang.

by Charlie Ambler
Jan 17 2015, 12:00pm

And And And has been one of Portland's biggest bands since 2009, but they've waited until last week to drop their official full-length debut. Their tunes are equal parts Northwest indie rock and frontier desert twang, and most of the songs make me want to buy an old van on Craigslist and traverse the western half of I-40 for a while.

Speaking of vans, the band tours in a graffitied-up utility van with a basketball hoop mounted on the back. Every year, they park it in front of strip clubs and in cul-de-sacs around Portland and host a giant basketball tournament for Portland bands called Rigsketball. Fucking Portland.

"Drink for Free" is an exclusive, unreleased track recorded during the sessions for their new album, The Failure. It's the type of song that'll make you want to see the band live, as it encompasses a benign and fun energy that translates beautifully into a raucous show. If you dig the song, check out the rest of the album below.