We Asked Some London City Workers if #Piggate Makes David Cameron a Worse Prime Minister

Some of them were surprisingly chill about the allegations.

by Bo Franklin
Sep 22 2015, 2:54pm

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As you've definitely heard by now, yesterday's Daily Mail carried allegations that David Cameron put "a private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth during an initiation into the exclusive Piers Gaveston society at Oxford.

Downing Street has flatly refused to comment on the story, while a Conservative Party source has denied the accusations, calling them "utter nonsense." Obviously that hasn't stopped the story from spreading like wildfire.

What does this mean for Cameron, though? We went to the City of London—the dark heart of Britain's financial establishment—to see if the Prime Minister's porcine past could dent his popularity among the corporate pigs at the head of his thrusting vision of Britain (ayooooo).

VICE: Would you think differently of Cameron if you knew he'd had his dick in a pig?
Callum: Nah, everybody's human. They all do different things. And if he puts his dick in a pig's mouth, well it's different.

Do you think sticking your dick in a pig is typical for uni initiation ceremonies?
I'd imagine so, yeah. I'm sure people from the same kind of group have done a lot worse, to be honest.

How could the story affect his leadership? What do you think would happen if he had a meeting with President Obama tomorrow?
Well, everyone would have their own opinions, but it won't affect his leadership in my eyes. I bet Obama's done a few bits and pieces in his past as well, you know?

Do you think this allegation is better or worse than Jeremy Corbyn refusing to sing the national anthem last week?
It depends. If people are looking at it in terms of funny stuff Cameron's done in the past, then I think the national anthem thing is probably slightly worse... I still think he's a legend, to be honest.

So it won't stop you from voting for him?
Probably not.

VICE: If this allegation is true, will it change your opinion of Cameron?
Andrew: If it was true it'd be shocking, but probably wouldn't change my opinion of him that much to be honest with you.

Is this the kind of thing you imagined he got up to in uni anyway?
Who knows what they get up to in public schools? That kind of thing is a new one for me. I haven't heard of that before.

So what could it mean for his leadership? Could you still shake hands with him after this story?
I don't see any way you could make that sound defensible. To be honest, I couldn't shake hands with him anyway, even before... I would never have voted for him, I think he's far too establishment, and this is typical of that kind of thing. Still unbelievable, though.

VICE: What do you make of the story?
Jess: I don't think it really changes my opinion of him.
Becca: I think it's uni. Everyone gets up to stuff at uni, and the media will just jump on the bandwagon. But if you look at everyone's initiations at unis...
Jess: That's the sort of thing that happens at posh parties, maybe?

So it's just typical uni lads?
Becca: Yeah pretty much.
Jess: He looks a bit of a prat [idiot]. I wouldn't have necessarily done it, but I don't know. I reckon he's had enough media training to be able to get through it.
Becca: He'll probably deny it won't he?

Couldn't that make him look worse?
Jess: Yeah you're right, he's going to ignore it isn't he.
Becca: If I was in his position, I would just ignore it and not react either way.

Would it surprise you if these kinds of things went on among the establishment?
Becca: Not really.
Jess: I suppose it surprises me about him personally, but no, not on the whole.

VICE: Do you think this story could affect Cameron's leadership of the country?
Tom: Not really, but if he comes out and says this is absolutely not true, it could be worse than if he says nothing, a bit like when William Hague denied that he had sex with a man in a hotel. If he comes out and says absolutely not, it never happened, well if it turns out he actually did, I think he could lose his job.

And we all do stupid things at university, right?
I certainly did. Nothing to do with pigs, but I did do some pretty stupid things.

What could this mean for Cameron's EU negotiations? Could other world leaders take him seriously with this story hanging over him?
I don't think so. The Germans might be all for it. I don't know.

Could this change the way you vote in the future?
I've never voted for him, so it doesn't change much. I don't like any politicians, really. I just hope he manages the nation's finances better than he allegedly treats farm animals.

Thanks Tom.

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