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January 8, 2009, 1:05pm

My good friend James was working in the Canary Wharf Credit Suisse office. He went back to work after the Christmas holiday and was promptly fired within five minutes of setting foot in the building. He didn't seem too surprised, and when he showed me the notes from his last 3 meetings (the sole belongings he took from his desk) I wasn't either. Seems like he saw it coming / couldn't wait for it to happen. Anyway, in case you are worried, he got an amazing job within two days of being fired, so eat that Switzerland. Below is more of James' Stirling work.

We blurred out the actual writing, but i feel you can still really get a feel of where more of James' energies went during meetings.

This a shockingly accuurate self-portrait of James crying with boredom.

This is James' pen running away from him. Note attention to detail in Clark's Wallabies.

This is a man walking towards a "200ft DROP" while reading a newspaper. Possibly an allusion to James' steady stroll toward, albeit brief, unemployment?