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Vice: When did you first realize you had this gift?

ARTEMIS – Crystal Ball Reader
Vice: When did you first realize you had this gift?

I was born with it. At three years old I was talking with dead people. I am from the south of France, close to Spain—I am a gypsy from my father’s side.

Do you see dead people?

I see the extraordinary every day of my life. For example, a spirit looks like cotton-like atmosphere. If it is a good spirit, it will be light. A bad spirit, like that of a criminal, will be dark and I will push it away. When I look into the crystal ball I see a milky white storm and then flashes of pictures related to the person whom I’m reading. I tell them what I saw and leave it to them to interpret the symbols.

What’s going to be hot for summer ’08?

Life is eternal and fashion is eternal. We will be dressed like 15 years ago, for instance. People right now want to be comfortable and at ease in what they’re wearing. For colors, I see white, black, purple, or red—you know, flashy colors. For dark colors it will be brown and I see... tangerine!


SHARON - Medium
Vice: When did you first realize you had this gift?

I’ve had the gift since childhood. Nobody talked about those things in those days. As a young child I always heard a man’s voice talking to me in a dream from the empty nave of a church.

Do you see dead people?

I once lived in an house built in 1938 where there was a ghost—a young boy named Edward. I’ve been asked to go into people’s homes and ask the ghosts to leave. Also, let’s say you lost your mother and you want to contact her. I’d say, “What’s your mothers name?” and I’d ask her if she wanted to communicate. I can’t guarantee she will. I generally have clairaudience, which means I hear things in my head and sometimes I see spirits with my eyes open—my third eye or my physical eyes. They usually tell me things.

What’s going to be hot for summer ’08?

Every color has a certain vibration, so for summer I see apple greens, lighter green, peachy orange, turquoise—softer colors, like a flower just opening.


JASON - Medium, Tarot Card Reader
Vice: When did you first realize you had this gift?

Years ago my mom bought me Myths, Magic, and Mysteries, a weekly publication that she picked up at the grocery store. That was my introduction to the occult.

Do you see dead people?

In my mind’s eye. My Indian chief spirit guide Someone Who Walks With Two Feathers saved me from getting hit by a car. Also, one time I saw these shimmering, smaller-than-human-sized humanoid types of shapes—his was before that movie Ghost came out.

So what’s going to be hot for summer ’08?

Capricorn style—understated wealth all dressed in black with a $20,000 Rolex. If there’s someone with a Virgo rising, this might make him a metrosexual. Also Gemini girls wearing paisley dresses, barefoot in sandals. There’s a dragon’s head conjunction in Aquarius, so they’ll really break all the fashion rules this season. Also, attention to detail for Mars and Gemini—a lot of bling bling bling. A big emphasis on technology. People might start wearing clothing with GPS built in.



KATHERINE - Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist
Vice: When did you first realize you had this gift?

I always felt it deep inside. Ever since I was born I felt an imprint. At a very young age I began to consult tarot cards.

Do you see dead people?

I will get a sensation of a presence, but I don’t get frightened or surprised. I will, however, get flashes—images that show a picture of a situation, the way it really is—even in my own life. For example, if I had a job that was difficult and I didn’t want to accept it one day I might be doing the dishes and BANG! I’ll get a picture that I was fired. And in reality, the next day, I’ll be fired.

What’s going to be hot for summer ’08?

I see very flashy colors. People are very low energy right now with all the problems in the world: wars, aggression… There is a big market for fear. People are afraid to lose their jobs, money, even things they don’t have. Because of this they want to be flashy to show they are here and want to be seen.

JACQUELINE - Clairaudient, Clairvoyant
Vice: When did you first realize you had this gift?

I’ve had it for 45 years. When I was young I used to sleep on the second floor. I would always wake up during the night and fall down the stairs. Every time this happened there was a woman—a spirit—that was waiting for me at the bottom. She would say, “You have to do something.” And since then I have always used my powers.

Do you see dead people?

I see ghosts all the time, very often. With the help of our spiritual friends above, I traverse a lot, spiritually. They guide me.

What’s going to be hot for summer ’08?

I know that something is going to change. Something is coming up that’s going to be extraordinary, but it won’t necessarily happen this summer, or even this year. I would say between now and two years from now, it will be on the green side. A nice, delicate green.


CATHERINE - Chinese Astrology, Numerology
Vice: When did you first realize that you had these gifts?

It took a while, but I think it was always there. I had many mentors that came into my life.

Do you see dead people?

I have an uncle whose house used to be a military hospital during the War of 1812 and part the Underground Railroad to Canada. There are a lot of energies there. I couldn’t sleep there because the spirit would open cupboards and it was cold. One night the spirit was standing over my bed. It was very hostile. That one was not pleasant.

What’s going to be hot for summer ’08?

We are at the end of a long chapter astrologically where Pluto, our outermost planet, stays 13 to 33 years in one sign. We are in Sagittarius and it will change to Capricorn for 16 years. Sagittarius has no boundaries: the sporty, the backpack and sandals—the international globe-traveler look. Capricorn is the corporate/conservative type of person. Pants will come up. Suits. Also, an understated elegance, more delicate and more refined. No more “When I bend over people can see my G-string.” No more low-rise jeans.