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Twinning Is Winning

For this fashion story, we found a bunch of twins and dressed (and undressed) them so many times, they couldn't even tell themselves apart from their biological carbon copies.

by Ben Taylor
May 16 2014, 11:00am

Ammerman Schlosberg jacket, vintage D&G top, stylist's own vintage Burberry skirt, American Apparel shoes, The Great Frog rings; Eckhaus Latta top, Ammerman Schlosberg pants, Nike Shoes, The Great Frog rings 

PHOTOS BY Ben Taylor
STYLIST: Marika Ames

Photo Assistant: Michelle Smyth
Producer: Miyako Bellizzi
Prop Stylist: John Sandroni
Stylist’s Assistants: Daniel Joseph and Cirita Eversley
Makeup: Caroline Baribeau
Hair: Steph Hui
Models: Amanda and Emilia Musacchia, Lauren Nguyen at One Management, Chloe Nguyen at Major, John and Colin Brite at Click, Torey and Khorey McDonald at ReQuest, and Natasha and Sonia Stagg, Edwardo and Pedro Cintron 

Rosie Rittenberry top, Ammerman Schlosberg pants, Creepyyeha harness; Kindall Almond jacket, Maria Ke Fisherman bodysuit, vintage pants from Brian Procell, Creepyyeha choker

Ammerman Schlosberg dress, stylist's own choker; Eckhaus Latta top, William Okpo pants, Creepyyeha harness

Trapstar top; Vintage top and bottom from Brian Procell, Raf Simmons for Adidas sneakers, vintage Chanel headband and sweatband from Depuis 1924

Tableaux Vivants bra, William Okpo dress (worn as skirt), Nike shoes, Sorelle Septum, earrings and chain, The Great Frog cuff and rings; Eckhaus Latta jacket and top, Rosie Rittenberry skirt, Creatures of Comfort shoes, Erdem for Linda Farrow sunglasses, vintage Chanel earrings from Depuis 1924

Vintage Gucci overalls and jersey from Brian Procell, Nike Jordan shoes, The Great Frog earrings; Mark McNairy jacket, Eckhaus Latta pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs earrrings 

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger top from Brian Procell; Palace top, Nasir Mazhar hat 

Ammerman Schlosberg vest, Fingers Crossed top with hood, Ammerman Schlosberg pants, vintage Chanel earrings from Depuis 1924; Vintage Tommy Hilfiger jacket from Brian Procell, Kindal Almond top, Vintage Fendi hat and pants from Brian Procell, Creepyeha choker, Freedom of Animals bag

Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren jacket and D&G pants from Brian Procell, Raf Simmons for Adidas sneakers; Rochambeau onesie, vintage boots

Vintage top and vintage Burberry shorts from Brian Procell, Raf Simmons for Adidas sneakers; vintage top and bottom from Brian Procell, Doc Martens boots

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