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This morning, Flint's water crisis inquiry finds the state ignored warning signs, Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam appears in court in Brussels, John Kasich has refused to quit the race for the Republican presidential nomination, and more.

Mar 24 2016, 10:24am

John Kasich, who is refusing to quit the race for Republican presidential nomination

US News

Task Force Blames State for Flint Water Crisis
An independent task force appointed by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to investigate the Flint water crisis has blamed state officials for "intransigence, unpreparedness, delay, inaction." A 116-page report said 95,000 residents were potentially exposed to lead-tainted water.—The Washington Post

John Kasich Rejects GOP Calls to Quit
John Kasich has refused to quit the race for the Republican presidential nomination, after dismal showings in Utah and Arizona. Jeb Bush joined the growing number of party figures throwing their weight behind Ted Cruz as the last chance to stop Donald Trump.—The New York Times

North Carolina Passes Anti-LGBT Bill
Republicans in the North Carolina passed a bill late Wednesday night to repeal local LGBT non-discrimination laws and ban transgender people from using the restroom aligned with their gender identity. Gov. Pat McCrory said it was important to uphold "community norms."—Los Angeles Times

Feds Arrest 8,000 in Massive Crime Sweep
Federal authorities have announced the arrests of more than 8,000 violent fugitives in the past six weeks, part of an operation aimed at stopping persistent crime in 12 east coast cities. The sweep, known as Operation Violence Reduction 12, was led by the US Marshals Service.—USA Today

International News

Paris Suspect to Appear in Brussels Court
Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in last year's Paris attacks, faces a court hearing in Brussels this morning, amid signs the same Islamic State cell was behind attacks in both cities. A third Brussels airport bomber, unnamed but the focus of a police manhunt, is also suspected of making explosive belts for November's Paris attacks.—AP

Iraq Army Launches Offensive to Capture Mosul
Iraq's armed forces have begun an offensive against the Islamic State group in the area around Mosul, pushing militants out of several villages. It is the first phase of an operation, backed by US air strikes, that the Iraqi government hopes will end with the capture of Mosul.—Reuters

Coal Mine Accident in China Kills 19
A coal mine accident in northern China has killed 19 miners, Chinese state media has reported. The cause of the accident Wednesday night on a platform in a mine in Shuozhou city is still not known, but 110 workers managed to make it to safety.—Al Jazeera

Uber Sues Indian Rival
Uber is suing Indian cab company Ola, alleging its rival created 90,000 fake accounts to make 400,000 fake bookings and disrupt its business. The US company claims it wants $7.4 million in damages, but OlaCabs denies the accusations, calling them "frivolous and false."—BBC News

The New Zealand flag, which will stay as it is after a referendum vote. Photo via Wikimedia.

Everything Else

Trump Attacks Heidi Cruz's Looks
Donald Trump lowered the bar ever further in his fight with Ted Cruz with a retweet negatively comparing the attractiveness of Cruz's wife's with his own wife Melania. Cruz responded by saying: "Donald, real men don't attack women."—ABC News

New Zealand Votes to Keep Flag
The people of New Zealand have voted to keep their current flag, bearing the British Union Jack, by 57 percent to 43 percent. More than 2 million voted in the ballot to decide whether to replace it with a silver fern.—The Guardian

Cellebrite Reportedly Cracking iPhones for Feds
An Israeli newspaper has claimed the "outside party" helping the FBI unlock the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone is Cellebrite, an Israeli phone forensics firm. The company does have a history working with the FBI.—Motherboard

#ManinTree Becomes Internet Hero
A mystery man climbed a tree in Seattle and began shouting obscenities and throwing apples and pinecones at the police. He has been up there for two days and is now very, very popular, with #ManinTree T-shirts now on sale. - VICE

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