NYC: 'The Fourth Dimension' Screening and After Party

Tonight our new film, 'The Fourth Dimension,' is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. After the screening, we will party.

Apr 24 2012, 4:00am

Tonight our new film, The Fourth Dimension, is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. We're not ones to run around tooting our own horns, but as we told you last week, the film is a pretty unique exploration of a plane of existence that most people outside of extremist nerdy circles don't devote much thinkin' to.

If you're going to the screening tonight (rush tickets available here), it's a pretty safe bet that you're going to leave in need of a beer and a fun environment to nurse your concept of reality back to health. That's why we're throwing an after party for the premiere at Hotel Chantelle. There will be DJ sets from Theophilus London and Blondes, as well as free booze from the kind folks at Grolsch, who, by the way, made this whole thing possible thanks to the film arm of their booze empire, Grolsch Film Works. Everyone who attends the film will receive a ticket to the after party. If you're not going to the screening, you can RSVP here.

The Fourth Dimension is also showing tomorrow and Friday in NYC. Schedule and tickets here.

Hotel Chantelle
92 Ludlow St.
9 PM - 1 AM

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