Ghost Wave - "Here She Comes"

Ghost Wave's New Video is Great, Unless you Hate Art and Bird.

May 22 2013, 5:06am

Booty girls, car crashes, and guys walking away from explosions without looking back are three things that don't feature in this new clip by Auckland's Ghost Wave.

“I like to think that we leave the girls dancing in bikinis to Drake" said guitarist Matt Paul when we asked him what was up with their cerebral video. According to him, champagne and cocaine fuelled video shoots are less important than "trying to learn more about how to match images with the style of our sound and songs.”

What the clip lacks in backup dancers, it makes up in birds. Shooting in Bushwick, NY, they happened across a guy with a rooftop cage full of trained pigeons. Is Matt a bird enthusiast? Apparently not. "I'm not really a bird guy," he tells us before adding, "We’re more into bats and squirrels."

Either way, who needs action and sex when you have warm colours, chill tunes and an army of winged critters?  

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