We Went North to Meet YouTube's Most Famous Canadian Fur Trapper

VICE Canada visited Andrew Stanley at his remote Northwest Territories outpost to learn about the art of trapping and skinning animals.

by VICE Staff
Jun 3 2015, 7:20pm

CANADIANA is our new show where we explore the further reaches of our home and native land to find the strange and fascinating stories that make this country unique.

For nearly 250 years, the Canada's fur trade was a thriving industry that played a major role in the creation of the country.

After decades of suffering from an anti-fur image problem, Canada's fur trade has found a new market: Thanks to China's booming middle class and Russia's luxury-starved oligarchy, the industry that founded the nation is on a comeback.

In the first episode of our new series CANADIANA, VICE travelled to the Northwest Territories to meet a modern day fur trapper—Andrew Stanley, the Metis YouTube star who's become the unlikely ambassador of Canada's trapping world.

We visit Andrew's remote cabin in the northern wilderness to go full tilt into the Canadian trap life—trapping beavers, skinning an otter, and learning the best way to deal with two frozen 160-pound wolves infected with mange.