Budgie-Smugglers and Bible-Bashers: Our Best Photos from London Pride

Objectively, one of the capital's best street parties.

by Lily Rose Thomas
Jun 29 2015, 12:50pm

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

Saturday was London Pride, the capital's annual big gay day out. Central London was heaving, with over 250 groups involved in the march and thousands more lining the streets to party, be proud, show support, show the outline of their testicles in very tight budgie-smugglers, and, in some cases, be massive kill-joys by waving Bibles around and reciting scripture to a captive audience of absolutely no one.

The biggest story of the day was probably that CNN mistook a spoof ISIS flag decorated with dildos and butt plugs for a real ISIS flag. Or that the US had legalized gay marriage nationwide the day before, giving many even more cause for celebration. Or that the entire thing went off without a hitch, that everyone had a great time, and that there were a bunch of really well-dressed dogs in attendance, again proving Pride to be one of London's best street parties.

We sent photographer Lily Rose Thomas along to get excruciatingly close to a load of lube, butts, penis sweets, and judgy evangelizers. Have a look at her photos below.