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The Pre-Game Goes to Jersey (Club) with the One and Only Nadus

Jubilee chats with the club sensation, who delivers a guest mix including everyone from DJ Jayhood to Kyle Hall.

by Jubilee
Mar 24 2017, 7:55pm

Illustration by Loren Purcell.

It's pretty much impossible to talk about the Jersey Club scene without mentioning Nadus. The young, yet prolific DJ and producer has been tearing up clubs since he had to sneak into them to get inside. While half of America was fist-pumping to brostep, Nadus was was lighting up Jersey's youth with chopped-up club edits and the dances to go with them. After being recognized by some people outside his hometown, he started traveling, and eventually put out his first proper record NXWXRK on DJ Slow's Pelican Fly imprint. The record's a hybrid of the club scene he came up in and what he took in playing around the world, and the rest is history.

On the next edition of The Pre-game, Jubilee and Nadus sit down and discuss his path towards fame thus far while touching up on some fun memories they share, living stints in Paris, and what's next for him. They also touch on his new label, Thread Imprint, and the artists that will soon be gracing their releases. Then Nadus delivers a mix you might want to dance in the mirror to before going out tonight. TGIF!


Amindi K Frost, Tesselated & Valley - "Pine and Ginger"
Drake - "Passionfruit"
ONHELL - "Shoshen"
DJ WP - "Reykjavik (Santa Muerte Remix)"
Apple - "Siegalizer (Lvis1990 Refix)"
LSDXOXO - "City of Doms"
Jammz (prod DJ Q) - "WHo's That Girl (feat. Aleisha Lee)"


Donae'o - "Black feat. JME and Dizzee Rascal"
Addison Groove feat. Spank Rock - "Bad" Things
Kid Antoine - "And Uh (Cashmere Cat Edit)"
Rye Rye ft. M.I.A - "Bang (Nadus Remix)"
Arme - "So Clean"
Wiley - "Electric Boogaloo (Hudmo Remix)"
Rod Lee - "Let Me See What U Workin With (Rustie Remix)"
DJ Jayhood - "No Panties On"
Torro Torro - "Blue Blouse (DJ Ayres Remix)"
Stormzy - "Shut Up"
4 Wings Acapella
DJ R.L - "Meek Joint"
Fameschool x Manolo Rose vs. Nadus x Sliink - "Run Ricky Run"
DJ Lokey - "Get With This"
DJ Fresh - "Booty Drop"
DJ Fresh - "Go Silly"
DJ Tone and DJ Jayhood (DJ Fresh Remix) - "Donkey"
DJ Tray - "Stay With Me"
DJ Tone - "Donk"
DJ Tameil - "U Want This..."
DJ Sega - "Woo Hah"
Big Dope P - "Beastmode (Rustie Remix)"
Beatking - "Cuffin (Fractal Fantasy Remix)"
Kyle Hall - "Finna Pop"
DVA - "Worst (Sinjin Hawke Remix)"
Nadus - "Marriage Proposal"

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