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Producer Sufyvn Is Turning Heads With His "Nubian Sudanese" Inspired Beats

The Khartoum-based beatmaker recently dropped his LP 'Pseudarhythm Vol. 2'

by Michael Scott Barron
Mar 20 2016, 7:20pm

10 years ago, Sudan was in the public consciousness for the horrific war waged in its Western region of Darfur. As the dust settles, a generation of artists has arisen, among them the beatmaker Sufyvn.

The Khartoum-based producer just self-released a new album, Pseudarhythm Vol. 2, a surprisingly smooth blend of the tipsy beatwork of early Flying Lotus, the pleasantly unexpected samples of J Dilla, and the instrumentation of classic North African music. Stream in below.

In a profile published by Okayafrica, Sufyvn discussed the growing influence of hip-hop and sampling in Sudanese music as well as his wide-ranging influences and day job as a dentist. Read it here.

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