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Comunité Festival Will Donate Its Proceeds to Preserving Coral Reefs

Proceeds will be donated toward Restore Coral.

by Britt Julious
Dec 11 2016, 6:20pm
Since its inception, the

Comunité Festival in Tulum, Mexico has made a name for itself by supporting audacious environmental and social causes. Last year, the festival donated its proceeds to building clean water systems for nearby families.

And this year, the festival will donate its proceeds to Restore Coral in order to preserve the Caribbean coral reefs.

"The Mexican carribean [sic] is losing the battle against climate change and the human footprint on the environment. About 75%-80% of the coral density has been lost," the festival wrote on their ticket page. "This is why this year we invite our community to take action."

Overfishing and acidification has eradicated nearly 80% of the reef. Guests who purchase tickets have to option of donating $5 to Restore Coral.

In addition to its coral reef preservation efforts, the festival will also be 100% vegan.

Scheduled acts for this year's festival include Omar S, Avalon Emerson, and Dengue Dengue Dengue, among others. Comunité takes place January 6 and tickets may be purchased here. In February, we met Kip Anderson, who aims to make festivals like Comunité vegan.

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