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Arca Shares Spellbinding New Track "Anoche," Along With Jesse Kanda Directed Video

The second track the producer has shared from his upcoming self-titled album.

by Angus Harrison
Feb 24 2017, 3:30pm

On Wednesday we shared the hugely exciting news that London-based, Venezuela-born producer Arca (Alejandro Ghersi) was set to release his self-titled third studio album in April, his first on XL Recordings. That announcement was accompanied by a listen to the gently bruising first track "Piel," and now we've been treated to another offering from the upcoming LP in the shape of "Anoche"—which translates as "last night" in Spanish.

If "Piel" reset expectations for how tender, and straightforwardly beautiful Arca could sound, then "Anoche" does more to continue this illuminating new strain in the producer's work. It's another moving preview into the direction of Arca, and another in which the moving tones of Ghersi's newly emboldened singing voice are firmly the focal point. It wouldn't be an Arca record without the contributions of Jesse Kanda, who has provided "Anoche" a visual accompaniment as subtly violent as it is intimate. Watch below.

Tickets for Arca's headline date at the London Roundhouse go on sale today at 11.

Arca will be released on the 7th April on XL Recordings.

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