Watch Real Life Pals Dev Hynes and Carly Rae Jepsen Dance and Stare At Each Other in "Better Than Me" Video

It's 80s as hell.

Dec 17 2016, 3:21pm

Blood Orange released the excellent Freetown Sound earlier this year. Dev Hynes' third record is a real passion project; both an homage but a chronicle, too, of his often complicated love affair with New York and its moody jazz, specifically how those elements collided in the 80s. The album also has some heavy-hitter collabs, including New York post-punk legend Debbie Harry and Canadian pop queen Nelly Furtado. Frequent collaborator—and Canada's truly unsung hero of pop—Carly Rae Jepsen also appears on the record. That track, "Better Than Me", has now been blessed with a video.

In it, CRJ (who got a haircut???) looks almost ghost-like, possibly an apparition of Hynes' as he, surrounded around literally suited up dancers, perform in a loft in what we presume is downtown New York. The video emphasizes what makes Hynes a compelling performer and artist including his vital dance component (featuring some sweet ballet moves) and his attention to detail (the video quality is grainy like it could almost be from the 80s and how about CRJ's trenchcoat?)

Watch CRJ and Hynes moodily stare at each other below:

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