Find a Friend Who'll Chill with You Like Kehlani Chills with Little Simz in “Table”

Watch the pair smoke joints, sip drinks, and stroll the streets in the new video for their collaboration.
December 12, 2016, 2:17pm

_This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. _

In life, some perfect combos are obvious (cigs and lager, Kim and Kanye, cheese and wine). Other combos creep up on you, and you don't realize they're perfect until you experience them out of the blue (chocolate and bacon, Eminem and Dido, hot Jägermeister in winter). Kehlani and Little Simz are in the second category, which we realized when we heard Kehlani's new jam "Table" (feat. Little Simz) back in October, and simultaneously discovered that these two should always make tracks together.

Now, the new video for the track has dropped, and it's a total delight. Directed by David Camarena and filmed in North London during a crisp winter day, the clip sees the pair throw out some goofy dance moves in a local park, smoke joints, sip drinks, and stroll through the streets. It will make you want to be BFFs with them both.

Watch the whole thing below:

(Lead image via YouTube)

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