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Watch DJ Khaled Talk About Fatherhood, His Book, and Staying Away from "They" with Stephen Colbert

On Tuesday night Khaled made an appearance on The Late Show

by Noisey Staff
Dec 7 2016, 3:19pm

DJ Khaled appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night to discuss his recent accomplishments. Khaled talked about his recently-published book, The Keys, which has been named a New York Times best-seller. He also spoke on his new life as a father and pointed out the lack of sleep he's gotten since his son was born. 

At the interview's end, Stephen Colbert revisited the moment Barack Obama walked out to Khaled's "All I Do Is Win" at the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner. "I'll never forget that day," Khaled looked back. "I was in New York City at a hotel and I was taking a nap and I saw 100 texts...I prayed immediately and I said 'Man, we made it.'" Watch the interview below. 

Photo: Screengrab of interview via YouTube

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