This Week We Recommend: Tyra Banks, Murder Mysteries, and 'Uncanny Diagrams'

There's no accounting for taste, but ours is exquisite. Here are our favorite things on the Internet this week.
October 16, 2015, 9:10pm
Image by Kat Aileen

Yes, it's like a year later, but the Adnan Syed case featured on the podcast Serial continues to have new twists and turns. Citizen detectives have unearthed some new info that casts major doubt on Hae Min Lee's boyfriend Don and his now questionable alibi.

Gabby: Let's all observe a moment of silence for "smize" and Tyra Banks's America's Next Top Model.

The swinging 60s usually boils down to a single cliche: a thin white girl in a Mary Quant miniskirt and knee-high boots (sorry, Twiggy). Ghanaian photographer James Barnor offers an alternative view of the 60s, which is what I love about his work. Check out his images here.

Mitchell: I love Raven-Symone because she flaunts contrarian opinions, but she also annoys me because she critiques her fellow contrarians, using the same disses her enemies throw at her. Today, on The View, Symone asked Ann Coulter why she says anything if she doesn't have anything nice to say. Coulter smiled and reminded Symone she refuses to hire people named Watermelondrea. Only Coulter shade Symone and shut her up for the rest of the segment.

Lauren: This "set of uncanny diagrams," made in Germany in the 1800s and unearthed by the Public Domain Review, depicts aliens demonstrating exercises one can do to treat gynecological ailments. I would say more but that pretty much explains it.

This Atlantic piece about ER doctors taking women's pain less seriously—"female pain might be perceived as constructed or exaggerated"—is equally parts fascinating and infuriating.