option4's Crowdsourced Producer Competition Ends in Mystery

UPDATE: The identity of The Munk Machine has been revealed.

by David Garber
May 9 2017, 4:52pm

Anna EOC

Last week we caught up with Denver promoter, producer, and DJ Brennen Bryarly a.k.a option4, who was in the midst of choosing a winner to a crowdsourced competition to headline one of his parties. As discussed in the interview, Bryarly made a call to aspiring producers around the country and world to post their tracks to his page, offering a flight out to Denver and headlining booking at one of his shows to the lucky winner.

After going through over 1,000 submissions that he listened to in part on Facebook Live, Bryarly landed on not one, but two, producers: Boston-based Dusty Digital and a currently-anonymous producer by the name of The Munk Machine. Dusty Digital, whose track "Eu Nao Vou Trabalhar" will actually get an official release on Soul Clap Records later this week, garnered one of the winning spots with his subdued world house track. The other winner, Munk Machine, surprisingly has not responded to any inquiries from Bryarly about their win—the producer's five year old remix of Gil Scott Heron's "Whitey On The Moon" was posted by another person who also claims to not know the identity of the artist.

Interestingly, The Munk Machine, who hadn't posted on Facebook in six years, updated their website just yesterday to a timer counting down to Thursday May 11, which seems like a bit of a suspicious occurrence. According to an update from Bryarly who recently came across what appears to be the artist's email address and name, Peter Munch, he still hasn't received to any inquiries about his identity.

"I guess more than anything i've learned that there is a huge community out there of underground producers," says Bryarly to THUMP about the greater experience of the project. "It was really beautiful seeing them all support each other and get involved. Some were definitely better than others but i feel like no matter how long people sat in on the live stream for there was inspiration flowing around enough for everyone. We've even had a few of the people on the live stream get their tracks SIGNED from it, so those announcements will be cool in the upcoming days. Happy to have been the catalyst behind that. It feels good," he says.

In addition to the two official winners, Bryarly selected over twenty other contenders whose tracks you can check out here. If you're reading this and happen to be Munk Machine, you should probably hit up option4 on Twitter or something.