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Send Us Things to Open on Our Unboxing Series 'I Will Open Anything'

We want to bring back our unboxing series but need some stuff to unbox.

by Jason Koebler
Dec 8 2015, 9:05pm

Over the last year or so, on no particular schedule of any kind, we've run a series of unboxing videos called "I Will Open Anything."

We believe it's imperative—or at the very least kind of fun—to not only notify the world of the existence of bitcoin-for-horse-poop services or a startups that literally sell boxes of rocks (or boxes of roxes), but to try these services out for ourselves.

And so, I'm excited to announce that we'll be bringing that series back early next year. But we're going to need some weird, funny, and potentially useless stuff to open. The general format is something like this:

If you are a startup or a gadget manufacturer or just some person who wants to send us something to open, please do so. If you are not a startup but are a Motherboard reader who frequents some deep dark corners of the internet and has a suggestion for things we should order, please email me at and I'll go trade some currency for goods and/or services on the ol' world wide net.

This is not a plea for free stuff. We can and most likely will mail the product back to you after we've tried it out, unless the dollar value of it is $Priceless.

Some very important rules: Please do not send me anything dangerous or illegal. And please please please do not send me any live animals, I can't handle any more responsibility.

Send mail to:

Jason Koebler
VICE Media
90 N 11th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249