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White Supremacist Political Party Wants Elon Musk as Secretary of Transportation

"Every president should seek his advice and service."

by Kari Paul
Mar 28 2016, 8:09pm

Image: American Freedom Party

White supremacist group The American Freedom Party claims to fight for "European Americans," putting forth catchphrases like "diversity is a codeword for white genocide." Now, it's thrown its support behind entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The group has been supporting Donald Trump as a candidate for president throughout his campaign, even offering a hotline for "bullied Trump supporters." On Monday the group put forth its picks for a theoretical President Trump's political cabinet, and pegged Elon Musk as Secretary of Transportation.

The group apparently credits Musk's experience with businesses like Tesla and SpaceX for its endorsement, and did not mention his politics or ideals in its statement.

"Mr. Musk is such a leading figure in industry, engineering and transportation (both on Earth and in space) that every president should seek his advice and service," the group said of the nomination.

Musk isn't the only notable name on the list: The group also wants Ann Coulter as Secretary of Homeland Security and Bernie Sanders as United States Trade Representative due to his support of "protective tariffs."

There's no indication Musk has ever discussed a cabinet appointment in the past, but he has made political donations to both Republican and Democratic candidates in previous elections. Musk declined to comment on the unexpected nomination.

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