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Martin Garrix Turned 18 Today

So we woke him up after a long night of partying to give him a birthday card and ask him how he feels.

by Aaron Grass Vergara
May 14 2014, 7:57pm

Birthday card by Maxime Rokus

Until he became a world famous superstar DJ, Martijn Garritsen was just another kid from the Dutch town of Amstelveen. But over the past few years, he's already achieved things that most DJs can only dream of—and his life has changed drastically. His music is topping the charts worldwide, he's headlining the world's largest festivals, and his hit-song "Animals" went platinum. And all that before even turning 18.

Today, he finally passed that magical barrier of 18 and has officially become an adult. Now he's allowed to drive, can legally go to clubs and even have a beer—at least in The Netherlands, where he still lives. Not surprisingly, he'd just woken up and was a little hungover when we spoke to him. We're happy that he took the time to let us congratulate him and ask him a few questions. THUMP: Happy birthday! Did you get any presents yet?
Martin Garrix: Actually, nothing so far… I just woke up. I threw a little party last night with some close friends, so I didn't exactly get to go to bed early. Has it been a good year?
It was a great year! Truly insane and totally unbelievable!

Just casually playing the main stage at Coachella like it's no big deal

How does it feel to finally be able to legally get into clubs?
Well, I'm in the US a lot, and the legal age to get into clubs over there is 21. But at least I can drink a beer in the Netherlands without getting into any trouble. Do you have big plans for the coming year?
As a matter of fact, I have a lot of plans! I can't wait for the festival season to really kick off. Besides that, I try to spend as much time as possible in the studio to make a lot of new tracks. You're also allowed to vote now. Are you going to vote in the upcoming European elections?
To be honest, I really haven't given it any thought yet. Which track would you really like to hear on your birthday?
Man, I don't even know. [Laughs]

If he can't decide, we'll just do it for him!

What does your ideal birthday party look like?
I just want to hang out and chill with my friends.

And what did you actually do for your birthday?
Chilling, hanging out with my friends. [Laughs] pretty much ideal.