Fantasy Football Dating App: Week 3

Are you going to swipe right or left on Tom Brady this week?

by Toby Mergler
Sep 24 2015, 4:45pm

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Every Sunday morning, fantasy owners face similar choices to the ones "dating" app users do on Saturday night. When faced with lots of options, do you want to swipe left and pass on potential opportunity or do you want to swipe right and open the door for exciting possibilities? Each week, we'll talk about specific players and what you should do with them (particularly when setting your daily fantasy lineups).

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Swipe Left

Jimmy Graham

Do you know which team finished last in passing attempts in two of the last three years? The Seattle Seahawks. The other year, they rocketed all the way up to next-to-last. Of course, over those three seasons they've been one of the best teams in football. But now that they are 0-2, expect them to seek comfort in what made them great — punishing teams via the ground. If they are only putting the ball in the air 30 times, there isn't a lot of upside for Graham. When you consider how many other TEs are flourishing throughout the league, the possibility of lines like last week's one catch, 11 yard stinker remain far too high to spend lavishly on this former fantasy stud TE.

Jimmy Graham used to be a stud fantasy TE. Not anymore. Photo by Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Hill

The bad news for Hill owners is that he is locked in a serious time share with Giovani Bernard. The good news is that they've both caught every ball thrown their way! Actually wait, that's also bad news since Bernard is nine for nine and Hill is a whopping zero for zero. No one doubts Hill's talent, but his complete absence in the passing game, and the split in carries with Bernard leaves him far too exposed to weekly variances in game plan. Reliable fantasy monsters like Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and Marshawn Lynch carry similar costs without anywhere near as much risk.

Brandin Cooks

One of the preseason's most hyped players, Cooks has received plenty of opportunities in the season's opening weeks. He led all Saints wideouts in targets in both games so far, but that's only translated to a paltry 111 yards and no scores. Now instead of facing the Tampa Bay defense that got lit up previously by the Titans, he's facing Carolina's unit fresh off of shutting down Deandre Hopkins. And oh yeah, he's got to do it without Drew Brees. It's outright crazy that he's priced similarly to Randall Cobb, A.J. Green and Julian Edelman. There are a lot of great cooks in New Orleans that justify blowing your budget, but right now this isn't one of them.

Swipe Right

Brandon Marshall

It happens all the time in fantasy. Owners get excited and swipe right on new blood like Brandin Cooks while ignoring tired war horse WRs that they've had for years. Recent examples include Terrell Owens, Reggie Wayne and Wes Welker, all of whom delivered tidy profits for those willing to "settle" for reliable standbys. Right now, it's happening to Marshall, which helps explain why he's barely in the top 20 of most expensive players despite being seventh in total points thus far. In a game that could feature 50+ combined points, expect his production to continue against a discombobulated Eagles team on Sunday.

The former first round pick Tyler Eifert might soon challenge Gronk as best fantasy TE. Photo by Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Eifert

Something big is happening in Cincinnati. After leading all TEs in targets in Week 1 and scoring twice, Eifert followed up his outstanding season debut by finding pay dirt again in Week 2. With adjectives like "'uncoverable" being thrown around about the former first round pick, it's time to ride this horse until it tires. After clearly earning Andy Dalton's trust, only Gronk has higher upside among all TEs going forward. Yet Eifert's price tag remains a budget friendly $4,800. A couple more weeks like this and Eifert is going to steal Gronk's cameo in Entourage 2: A New Check.

Tom Brady

After an offseason full of drama and name calling, ultimately the only thing we're positive that Tom Brady deflated was his average draft position. After two weeks of unleashing hell upon the league, his value is starting to creep back up. But the market still hasn't fully corrected. Now he gets a Jacksonville defense that just gave up 24 fantasy points to Ryan Tannehill. Get as many Patriots players as you can into your lineups this week and start with their pissed off, merciless, golden boy quarterback obsessed with his legacy and thoughts of revenge. The fact that Brady costs approximately the same as Matt Ryan feels so much like cheating that you can expect to receive your very own suspension notice from Goodell.

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