Playful Disobedience: The Welfare Game

Protesting is hard work. Next time you're marching, try this game of competitive penny-pinching.

by Molleindustria and Harry Josephine Giles
Apr 14 2017, 6:13pm

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Molleindustria and Harry Giles make free games designed to cure boredom and sometimes raise your level of social consciousness. Given the rise of global protests, they created a series of games to be played during marches and rallies. Try this one next time you take to the streets.

The richest player provides a banknote of the lowest value in your currency (e.g. a $1 bill). All the players then pinch the bill using only the thumb and index finger.

The richest player shouts "go," and each player tries to pull the bill his or her way. You can only use your thumb and index finger to touch the banknote, and you can't grab or push other players. If you lose grip, you are out of the game. If the bill rips, keep pulling until all players are out of the game or hold an uncontested piece. The player who ends with the bill (or the biggest piece of the bill) wins.

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