KSU Upsets Kansas, Storms Court, Crushes Bill Self

Kansas State stormed the court after defeating rival Kansas and things got a little out of control with Bill Self getting crushed by the swarm.

by Sean Newell
Feb 24 2015, 1:28pm

Kansas State upset rival Kansas 70-63 in Manhattan last night and as they did in 2008, 2011, and last year, the KSU students stormed the court to celebrate the win. The wave of students crushed the scorers table K-State players were standing on, which just so happened to be where Bill Self and Bruce Weber tried to shake hands after the game. You can see it happens right at the half court line; Self got a little manhandled in the scrum as players, students, and limbs were flying around not unlike a mosh pit. At one point it looked like Weber was trying to shield Self (in a red tie) yelling "I got you!"

Self eventually got out of it perfectly fine, but it's got to be a little unnerving to be stuck in the front of a crowd that keeps pushing forward. This is how people die at WalMart after Thanksgiving. Weber also seemed to go after some students once Self was out of the fray.

Said Fran Frashcilla, who had a front row seat to the action, "This is fun...but it's not that fun." Self was a little less sure about the fun part. He's not anti-court storming, per se, but he's salty that it always happens at Kansas State and that there does not appear to be any kind of security presence. That last point is a fair one, especially if players are out there getting picked off as he implies. Storming the court should be fun for everyone but the losers, who should find it annoying. No one should be out there throwing (or catching) elbows or anything.

How does this impact you, the viewer? Well, you can all but guarantee this will be a segment on all the ESPN family of network debate shows: Court Storming, buy or sell? So, enjoy that.