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Lose Yourself in the Unholy Chasm of 400PPM and Rose E. Kross' New Single

The husband-and-wife pair invoke classic post-punk styles on "New Expiration."

by Alexander Iadarola
Apr 18 2017, 8:37pm

Photo by Magda Krzyzanowski.

New York musicians Shawn O'Sullivan and Rose E. Kross today shared "New Expiration," the corrosive lead single off O'Sullivan's debut album as 400PPM, forthcoming on Berlin imprint Avian. The churning track is one of Fit For Purpose's highlights, and it works with a more arid sound palate than the married couple usually employs on their collaborative Further Reductions project. "New Expiration" sounds caked in decades-old rust, carried forward by an almost lifeless groove, luxuriating in its willful brokenness.

"The track has origins both humble and typical—I wanted to rip off Chrome, the SF post-punk band," he said. "They are one of my favorites, and a perennial source of inspiration. Of course it doesn't quite sound like Chrome (little truly does), but I think I channeled some of their atmospheres—the clangy motorik-on-the-moon thing."

"I played it for my wife Katie (Rose E. Kross), and she immediately said, 'This needs vocals. I'm doing them.' She brought something really new to the track—making it both more akin to my original inspiration, and also intriguingly deviant. I'm really happy with it, and it adds some color and human touch to what might seem a cold and alien record."

In March, O'Sullivan shared a free album of 10 locked grooves on Berlin imprint Avian's Bandcamp.

Fit For Purpose will be released on May 15.

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