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Soccer Comes Home To England For Euro 2020: A Tribute

Soccer is coming home to England

by Sean Newell
Sep 19 2014, 5:15pm

It was announced earlier today that Wembley Stadium will host the semifinal and final rounds of Euro 2020. "Football's coming home," England screamed. The World's Game will hold a eurocentric tournament across the continent, but the last three games will be held in England, so "football's coming home." To England. Eventually.


For whatever reason, probably because they had the best navy and colonized most of the world, England claims the birth of soccer as it's own, even though there are scores of examples of the game—hit ball with foot into specific target—going back to antiquity. With that in mind, we thought we'd pay tribute to soccer's "originators" and the place where it all started, and where it was perfected.