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The Reddit Comments on the Ellen Pao Verdict Are Predictably Awful

Don't read them.

by Kari Paul
Mar 28 2015, 5:20pm

Pao. Image: Kleiner Perkins​

Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao  ​lost the gender bias lawsuit brought against her former employers at venture capital firm KPCB on Friday, and Reddit is reacting exactly like you think it would.

Pao had accused the firm of not promoting her and ultimately firing her on the basis of her gender. The San Francisco jury in the case originally offered a verdict in favor of KPCB on all four counts, but was sent back to deliberations on one count after miscounting the initial votes. Certain users on Reddit had less-than-encouraging words for its CEO.

"Girls, you're giving us more and more reason not to hire you everyday," wrote user ​TungstenDuck. "From the lawsuits to the missed work from pregnancy and paid maternity leave it's just a bad deal. And you wonder why the government has to force us to hire you. Ya know we used to just pay men a lot more money and wives didn't have to work but I guess that's barbarism and misogyny."

"It really bums me out that by supporting Reddit, I'm supporting her," wrote user ​Searchlights. "Doesn't this community deserve someone we'd feel proud of?"

You get the idea.

Meanwhile, Pao chose to release her statement not through ​her Reddit account, but through Twitter: