The New Film By The Creators Of 'Logorama' Needs Your Help

With only 10 days left to raise $3,000, it's crunch time for "Money Time."
February 16, 2016, 4:37pm

It's Money Time.

Or, it will be, with your help:

H5, the commercial graphics studio behind subversive, Cannes-and_-Oscar-winning (and all-around amazing) animated short film, _Logorama, are trying to finish their new film. Like Logorama before it, Money Time is an entirely 3D animated adventure, and, in the ever-cheeky words of its directeurs, is already shaping up to be every bit as iconoclastic:

_"Money Time is a trip, or let's say an acid trip, between the steppe and space. __Money Time is an hyper-polar, hyper-deserted film, full of hyper-machines. This film is ambitious, disruptive and entirely made of 3D animation, so it definitely needs your hyper-participation!" _

H5 still needs about $3,000 to fund their goal of finishing the film in time to send it to Cannes, and there's only ten days left in their campaign. Through Ulule, the self-described "1st European crowdfunding site," backers of the film can earn anything from a desktop wallpaper (and the filmmakers' eternal gratitude), to a signed DVD of _Money Time _and a prominent placement of name (and logo) in the credits (eternal gratitude still included).

Below, the official teaser-trailer for Money Time:

H5's synopsis:

"In Russia, 2 polar bears are slowly strolling around the borders of the arctic circle. Tracked down by steel-made monsters deployed into a military-industrial ballet, these bears are the only relics of the living world.

Because in this no-man's land is unveiling a project of an hyper-power. It has no face and no other limit than space: the hyper-financialization of society [sic]."

Judging by the artfulness with which H5 applied to logos the last time around, I'd say this is a surefire way to get your name in lights, or just help an awesome project come to fruition. Below, some promo images for Money Time, interspersed with snippits of what H5 claims your donations will be put towards:

Donations will help the animators achieve the following:

To have a Polar Bear run on the iced steppes,

A 456-meter-long locomotive to put in motion,

A 5000-meter-high mountain to cover with snow,

Aurora Borealis to light,

Armored doors to open and close,

A 47-ton rocket launcher to activate,

Litres of kerosene to spill on an ice desert,

Hundreds of CCTV screens to watch

Planets to rotate,

Millions of buttons to install on control panels,

… And litres of vodka if we succeed!

If you, like us, are into the work of H5, you'll head over to the Money Time crowdfunding site and decide for yourself if its worthy of your contribution. Who knows? You just might fund an Oscar.