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Watch An Animator Discover What Code Would Be Like As A Drink

"Fun With Fluids" multiplies 8mm footage of soda bottles like a surreal, dynamic splitscreen.

by Beckett Mufson
Aug 11 2014, 5:00pm

In an analog experiment designed to tap into the aesthetic of demoscene art—where programmers use just a few lines of code to generate stunning visuals—animator grade die has extrapolated the simple act of opening a soda bottle into a surreal short called Fun With Fluids. In the 40-second clip, the artist attempts to push the art of dynamic splitscreen to its limits, multiplying 8mm footage of soda bottles across the screen and moving them about like the video version of a slider puzzle.

grade die told The Creators Project that with Fun With Fluids he wanted to, "let the visuals become analog, let the audio go gaga and answer following question: What would it be like if code was a drink?He answers this question by emulating the procedural demoscene style, but with completely vintage technology.

Acompanied by music from Sascha Jatho, Fun With Fluids won second place in the animation category at the Evoke demoscene festival. Though we wish there was a Moxie shout out, the retro video definitely quenches our thirst. See some stills from the short below. 

Find more of grade die's animation explorations on his website and Vimeo channel.


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