Creators Project Favorite, Studio Roosegaarde, Wins 2013 World Technology Award For Arts

The Dutch designer has created many literally and figuratively illuminated projects

by Zach Sokol
Feb 16 2016, 4:29pm

To be fair, The Creators Project has a litany of favorite artists and, well, creators, but one name that's continuously stuck out this past fall is Daan Roosegaarde, head of Studio Roosegaarde.

The Netherlands-based design firm has caught the attention of others, and this past weekend the innovator won the World Technology Award in the Arts category at the TIME Conference Center. 

He was nominated by a selected jury of Time, Fortune, Science and The Technology Review for this international honor. Other winners include electric car company, Tesla, and Eric Schmidt from Google. 

Roosegaarde has created numerous mind-blowing projects in the past few years, including a "Smart Highway" that uses solar power to light up the road, an illuminated bike path using LED-enhanced glowing stones, and a project that plans to turn Chinese Smog into wearable jewelry

A sample image of the "Smart Highway" 

Roosegarde's real-world interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night," an illuminated bike path built where Van Gogh lived in the Eindhoven region of the Netherlands

The team's famous glowing stones that are embedded with LEDs and flicker on when people interact with them

There are many innovative design firms working today, but Roosegarde's focus on sustainability-make him one of the most illuminated (pun unintended) thinkers working today. Roosegarde is particularly special because of how his art encourages the public to take part in its function. He understands how some of the best art is a communal, ethos-based idea that brings people together.

We congratulate the firm and invite readers to take a look back at Studio Roosegarde's past work: 

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