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Faces Warp and Stretch Like Slinkies in Kara Zona's GIF Scans

Don't throw away your old scanner, use it to make crazy GIF art.

by DJ Pangburn
Oct 23 2014, 7:00pm

Remember smooshing your face on a copying machine, shutting the door on your head, hitting “print,” and then watching the warped visual madness that ensued? Well, that's pretty much what animator and visual artist Kara Zona does in her 'Face Stretch' series.

While Zona showcases her Maya 3D animation on a “professional website,” she uses the Karazona Tumblr to exercise her more experimental impulses, like 'Face Stretch.'

In this series, she uses an Epson 1100 XL Scanner to create glitches, then makes them into animated GIFs, which she playfully describes as “unrealism.” In the piece “Slinky,” Zona's face slide right to left like a warped, fleshy slinky. In “Face Grab,” it looks as though she is grabbing her cheek and pulling it out to cartoonish proportions. And in “Face Accordion,” she positions her face in profile, then makes her face expand and contract like a bellows.

It's all very surreal and odd, but nonetheless an interesting take on GIF art. For more of Zona's scan experiments, head over to her Tumblr.


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