A 17-Year-Old Photographer Scaled One Of NYC's Tallest Buildings For Instagram Glory

Teenage Instagrammer Demid Lebedev captures foggy NYC nights from 1,397 feet in the air.

by Beckett Mufson
Sep 29 2014, 6:30pm

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Self-proclaimed, "urban historian" and Instagram photographer Demid Lebedev is a teenage daredevil, channeling his creativity through the act of capturing the New York City skyline at nearly 1,400 feet above ground. Above, gaze upon the city that never sleeps from Lebedev's vantage point at 423 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in the United States. Animal New York's verification that the photographer is only 17 years old makes the story that much more unbelievable, matching the antics of the Russian 'skywalkers' who gave us breathtaking Hong Kong vistas over the summer.

Since he captured the impressive view from 432 Park Ave, Lebedev has carried on in his cloud-hopping ways, posting another image of New York fog from a point so high up that only the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center can be seen through the clouds. His hashtag "#OnTheClouds" is practically vertigo-inducing.

Get a firsthand view of Lebedev's sky high urban history, as well as a short film documenting his NYC explorations, below:

Visit Lebedev's Instagram for more DIY urban vistas, as well as more of his creative 17-year-old antics.

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