The Savage Beauty of the Animal Kingdom, in Less Than 3 Minutes

This stimulating and dramatic short about the survivalist nature of the animal world is a transporting watch.

by Diana Shi
Aug 13 2016, 12:10pm
Image and GIFs via

A video of shots so intimately near to its subjects, the viewer can feel their eyeballs grazing the video images. A lineup of stark images—a butterfly wing, a dog’s soft tuft of fur—build to a climactic scene depicting the carnal side of the animal world. These are the kind of shots shown off in ominous, rich colors, in the brief reel titled VERSUS. The dramatic footage is, presumably, meant to provide an interpretation of the inherent ruthlessness and struggle inside the animal kingdom. Advanced recording equipment is used to shoot intensely detailed frames at a close, tension-filled range. 

Who says animals need to talk to give an entertaining performance? Watch every heart-pounding tidbit of drama for yourself in the GIFs and full video below:

The video is conceived by ManvsMachine, with audio by Resonate to showcase the capabilities of the Maxon software, Cinema 4D Release 18. To see more from ManvsMachine, visit their page of videos on Vimeo, here, as well as the official video page, here.


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