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Here's the Manual for Brooklyn Street Style

Cultural reporter Anya Sacharow gives us the nuanced details.
September 17, 2015, 1:30pm

In Brooklyn Street Style _(Abrams), cultural reporter Anya Sacharow and book editor Shawn Dahl explore what makes the borough a global fashion mecca and present style advice from a host of Brooklyn tastemakers. This diverse crew of notable women in the design, fashion, food, and entertainment worlds includes style expert Mary Alice Stephenson, _Girls costume designer Jenn Rogien, Urban Bush Babes blogger Cipriana Quann, Sleigh Bells’ singer/beauty-industry activist Alexis Krauss, and award-winning actor/playwright Eisa Davis.

The vibrant and intriguing images are captured by fashion photographer Sioux Nesi who has captured 175 color portraits for the book. Brooklyn Street Style includes suggestions for both visitors and locals alike, offering a curated listing of the essential shops, markets, restaurants, and bars to the New York destination.

Here's an excerpt, with images from the book below:

"This later tribal style thrives in Brooklyn, where one-third of all New Yorkers live, making it the city’s most populous borough. (Less than a quarter of the city’s residents live in Manhattan.) Moreover, Brooklynites represent nearly one hundred different ethnicities living within the borough’s seventy-one square miles. Tattoo-sleeved rockers live next to white-bearded Hasidic men in long black coats, down the street from grill-clad B-boys and B-girls. Several blocks away, Italian nonnas in housecoats sit in folding chairs, surveying everyone on their block."

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