How to Play with Your Food (On a Computer) and Do It Well

A soft-serve cone sprinkled with prescription pills and an eyeball lollipop are two of the captivating images by POP MY EYES.

Sep 4 2016, 11:40am

Image courtesy the artist

Coupling the mouthwatering look of high-quality food photography with the annotated images of elite fashion magazines, the nature of the tart-yet-sticky sweet Instagram, @popmyeyes, is Pop art at its brightest.

At just under 100 posts, the Instagram is currently in its infancy, but the carefully-curated and tonally consistent pics increase the likelihood that the account will soon find its place on the internet's unofficial leaderboard. With a subtly wicked attitude amidst all the blinding colors, the account varies in its choice of artists. The striking photo page is a personal board of bright, Pop-influenced images that vary between ostentatious euphoria and optical mind-benders.

Pop My Eyes has highlighted the work of Instagram heavy-hitter and animator Zolloc, who most recently caught our eye with his hirsute humanoids.

The Creators Project spoke to the creator of the account to see what inspired him to begin the project and how he goes about forming his original creations:


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“I started Pop My Eyes with the intention of creating a gallery full of eye-popping art, design and awesome shit," the they explain. "The internet and instagram itself are full of artists that create incredible work and I wanted to turn Pop My Eyes into a gallery where they all come together and give visitors a truly eye-popping visual experience.”


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“While the Pop My Eyes curation features a variety of art ranging from photography, photo manipulations, collages and sculpture, etc.—my own work is all fully based on digital photo manipulations. I grew up as part of the Myspace generation and really early discovered my love for Photoshop which I have followed through with from high school and [university] to my current job, as a creative." 

They continue, “Sometimes I try to create images based on topics people can relate to and exaggerate them... other times I simply create random images of the visuals that come to my mind and make people go like ‘WTF!’ I create my own art by combining multiple stock images to make abstract, absurd or comical visuals, always with the same aim as the curation: making your eyes pop!”

​Pop My Eyes' Instagram is a true source for inspiration if you’re into a little abstraction, a little optical illusion, and truly dexterous Photoshop skills. Check out some of our favorite 'grams below:


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A photo posted by POP MY EYES (@popmyeyes) on


A photo posted by POP MY EYES (@popmyeyes) on


A photo posted by POP MY EYES (@popmyeyes) on


A photo posted by POP MY EYES (@popmyeyes) on

To follow POP MY EYES, head over to the growing Instagram page, here, and his Ello page, here.


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