Desus & Mero

Rachel Maddow Tells Desus and Mero About How She Uses Sci-Fi to Contextualize Trump

The MSNBC host visited the VICELAND show to talk about our new president, Chris Hayes, and Obama's vacation.

by Sarah Bellman
Feb 16 2017, 2:49pm

With political scandals and unprecedented events circulating the news daily, it can be extremely taxing for journalists to report on the Trump administration. Of course, Rachel Maddow knows this all too well. 

When she visited VICELAND's talk show Desus & Mero, the MSNBC host told Kid Mero and Desus Nice about how she now finds unique ways to dissect our political climate—citing events from our past, other countries' histories, and even science fiction. 

Additionally, Maddow gave the hosts her hot take on Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton, vacationing Obama, and her ride-or-die colleague Chris Hayes. Check out her full interview below.

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