Saint Pé Bids Farewell to Valentine’s Day with “Kiss It Goodbye”

The former Black Lips guitarist's new album 'Fixed Focus' is out April 7.

by Noisey Staff
Feb 15 2017, 6:58pm

It's been almost three years since Ian Saint Pé left Black Lips to strike out on his own. He left his hometown of Atlanta, broke the tour cycle that he'd been on for the better part of a decade, and took himself to a cabin near Nashville. The result was a reconfiguring of his old band's rock 'n' roll ideal: a track like "Street Lights" wasn't as raucous or drunk-at-2 PM as "Boys In the Wood," for example, but it took the power pop into brighter places, more Big Star than King Khan.

Today, with everyone's Valentine's bitching now a memory, he's released "Kiss It Goodbye." It's as poppy as anything that the guitarist has put together before, with the straight ahead chords setting the melodies and Saint Pé's half-spoken vocals staying steady on top.

Listen to the track below and look out for Saint Pé's debut album, Fixed Focus, out April 7.

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